Jan 1, 1970

College of Arts and Sciences - To foster academic and extra-curricular development among the K-12 students and teachers, the Department of Languages and Literature (DLL), together with the AB in English Society (ABES Soc), KAMFIL and ASHEL conducted an extension project at the Malaguip Integrated School (MIS) in Paoay, Ilocos Norte, July 26.

The groups held seminar-workshops on: language and teaching skills, special arts, and journalism. The project aimed to promote academic growth among students through reinforcing the necessary skills news, feature, and editorial writing.  Moreover, it tried to uplift the students’ and pupils’ appreciation for the arts, specifically in dramatic oral interpretation (storytelling and declamation) and public speaking.

Further, the activity aimed to revitalize classes, more especially in language teaching, through renewing teachers’ passion and commitment. Topics discussed were the following: 1) Making the Most of the Mentor in You; 2) Say it Right, Teach it Right; 3) Level up with Our Grammar; 4) Revisiting the Art of Questioning; and 5) Making Learning Fun and Engaging.

During the activity, the teachers, pupils and students were divided into three clusters: 1) Special Language and Teaching Skills Training; 2) Special Arts Training and; 3) Journalism Training.  Teachers joined cluster 1 while students and pupils enthusiastically participated in clusters 2 and 3.

Faculty members of the DLL served as lecturers and facilitators in the different clusters. Selected members of the ABES Soc, an academic organization of AB in English Studies (ABES) and AB in English Language (ABEL) students helped in the said activity.

The department, headed by Dr. Marlina L. Lino, pledged for other extension projects which are vitally beneficial for students and teachers in the locality.

Mr. Alexander L. Lino, MIS school principal, expressed gratitude to the sponsoring department and organization for choosing the school for the extension project.  “Indeed, this project will boost our teachers’ and students’ proficiency in English and the arts. I firmly believe that this initial step will be vital to achieve our dream to be competent in contests, not only in the province, but in regional and national levels,” he added.

Mr. Epifanio G. Rico, Jr., DepEd Paoay public schools district supervisor expressed his commendation to the sponsoring department for taking steps in promoting academic and co-curricular advancement and maturity.  (With a Report from John Vincent B. Toribio)

The Cry

Two pupils from Masintoc Integrated School portray an emotional and struggled scene during the workshop in Dramatic Oral Interpretation.