Social Sciences

About the Department

The department provides the foundation of a relevant university education. It hones students to engage in critical thought and rigorous inquiry on the burning social issues of macro-, meso-, and micro-scales. This critical consciousness provides inspiration and guidance in contributing meaningfully to social amelioration. This can be seen from its general education courses offered to all students of the university such as The Contemporary World, Readings in Philippine History, Ethics, The Life and Works of Rizal, and Understanding the Self.      

As of March 2019, the department houses 26 faculty members, the biggest department at CAS. Six of them are newly hired this academic year 2018–2019. It is currently chaired by Dr. Violeta B. Alonzo. The department is proactive in developing the caliber of its faculty by sending faculty members for scholarship to pursue advanced studies in top universities in the country. Currently, 6 of them are in full scholarship under the CHED K to 12 Scholarship for Graduate Studies.

The department also aims for the expansion of its curricular offering. Recently, it has presented to the College Academic Council the proposed offering of Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy. The department hopes that these two proposals will be positively welcomed by the university administration in the near future.


Department Objectives

            The department aims to:

  1. Equip students with tools for analyzing society, social problems and issues;
  2. Train research-oriented individuals with the theoretical and methodological rigors of the various social science disciplines;
  3. Conduct and communicate researches that can have implications on policies, practices and communities; and
  4. Provide extension services, especially along the lines on human rights, civic engagements and participation among others, to empower communities to take part in socio-political affairs.


Program Offering

The department offers Bachelor of Arts in Sociology as provided for by Board Resolution No. 279, s. 1996. The curricular offering of BA Sociology is guided by CHED Memorandum Order No. 40, s. 2017. The program is a four-year degree course that is anchored on the systematic study of social life, groups, societies, world systems, and virtual communities focusing on dynamic interplay between individual and society. It gives students a grounding in the sociological theories or perspectives and research methodologies that will allow them to understand, analyze, and address social problems and issues. Upon graduation, the students must be analytical and critical thinkers who are able to:

  1. Explain and apply sociological concepts and theories;
  2. Apply research skills in designing, implementing, and assessing social programs and projects in academic, government, corporate, development and other settings;
  3. Analyze and address social problems and issues;
  4. Communicate ideas effectively in relevant settings; and
  5. Practice professional and ethical standards of Sociology and the social sciences

Awards and Recognition

The program regularly subjects itself to external accreditation to improve its delivery of quality and relevant instruction. In December of 2016, it was granted an accreditation status of Level II Re-accredited until November of 2020. Moreover, the program has fully complied with the standards set forth in the CMO 40, s. 2017. With this, the Commission has granted the Certificate of Program Compliance issued on February 06, 2019, the second program in the university with a COPC that is compliant with the recent general education changes in higher education.