About the Department

The Department of Languages and Literature is a powerhouse of specialists along the following areas: languages – Filipino, English, and foreign languages such as Mandarin and Spanish; literature; linguistics; and communication.

It provides general education as well as specialized instruction and training along said areas. It also conducts researchers and extension services geared towards developing proficient users of the languages and responsible media practitioners.

Department Objectives

The Department of Languages and Literature aims to:

  1. To provide general education in the languages, literature and the arts across disciplines;
  2. To provide appreciation  venues for the arts, languages and culture;
  3. To inculcate inherent values that can be mirrored in the different literary texts and other works of art;
  4. To enhance the study and thinking skills of students as well as their communication (listening, speaking, reading and writing) skills;
  5. To produce globally competitive graduates in the areas of language, literature and communication.

Contact Details

Marlina L. Lino, PhD.
Chairperson, DLL
College of Arts and Sciences
Mariano Marcos State University
Batac City 2906, Ilocos Norte, Philippines

Contact No.:

(077) 670 - 2105