About the Department

The Departmentof Biology is a CHED Center of Development recognized for its excellence in developing students who would eventually pursue studies and professions in medicine, biological research, industry, consultancy and the academe among others. It is a closely knit community of students, faculty, staff, and alumni dedicated to studying and immersing themselves in the various biological disciplines. It currently offers an undergraduate  course and two graduate courses: BS Biology and MS Biology and Master in Biological Sciences. In the northern part of the country, the Department of Biology envisions itself as the premier provider of excellent education and research in biomedical sciences, biotechnology, ecology and systematics, microbiology, molecular biology, and bio-education, applying a holistic, rigorous and innovative approach to the biological sciences. As an innovative center of learning, teaching, and research in the life sciences, it is dedicated to serve the University, the country, and all of humanity.

Department Objectives

The Department of Biology traces its root back the Mariano Memorial College of Science and Technology. Its creation as a department of the College of Arts and Sciences was highlighted by the start of the offering of the Bachelor of Science in Biology in 1978. It also offers Biology subjects to all degree and non-degree programs offered at Batac Campus and at the College of Industrial Technology in Laoag City. At present it offers one undergraduate course and two graduate courses: Bachelor of Science in Biology, Master of Science in Biology and Master in Biological Sciences. AS part of its programs, it undertakes Research & Development Activities and Extension Programs in the field of Agroforestry, Biotechnology, Ecology and Systematics, microbiology, molecular biology, biology education, biomedical sciences, biodiversity and other biology-related researches. It is guided by dynamic and relevant curricula that incorporate the strengths of MMSU culture and challenges of the future. As a whole, the department:

  • Offers academic courses with balanced learning orientation.
  • Develops pro-active courses to prepare students which are market ready for research, extension and production.
  • Provide multiple and responsive experiences for advanced studies and become decision makers.

Contact Details

Department of Biology
College of Arts and Sciences
Mariano Marcos State University
Batac City 2906, Ilocos Norte, Philippines